Answering Questions Teens Ask After Loss of a Parent – Part 1
By Rabbi YY Rubenstein
In this the first of two parts Rabbi Rubenstein answers questions teens have asked after the loss of a parent.

In answering these questions he draws from his own experiences of loss together with his legendary wit and wisdom.

Rabbi YY Rubenstein
Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied in Gateshead Yeshiva for seven years where he gained Semicha and a further three years in Kollel. He was a regular broadcaster on BBC TV and National Radio for twenty years until he resigned two years ago in protest at what he saw as their anti-Semitism. He is a columnist for several Jewish newspapers and the author of thirteen books. He travels extensively, speaking to audiences all over the world. The late Queen, Elizabeth II was a fan of Rabbi YY's Radio appearances and asked to meet him declaring that, "He's awfully good."