Between Silence and Words: Three Spiritual Perspectives on Grieving
By Rabbi Yaakov Klein
In this class, we explore three perspectives on grieving drawn from the depths of Torah wisdom. After discussing the concept of being silent in the face of confounding darkness, we learn about the “deepest level of good” and the way all of life is Hashem telling a story.
Rabbi Yaakov Klein
Rabbi Yaakov Klein is an author, lecturer, and the founding director of Eilecha, a UK-based organization focused on creating opportunities for spiritual growth and experiential education in the local community and beyond. Through classes, content, events, trips, and experiences, Eilecha aims to foster an authentic Jewish experience that is deep, passionate, sincere, joyous, healthy, and eminently relevant, charting a course "Eilecha", toward a vibrant life lived in the warmth of Hashem's embrace.