Blended Families – Our Unlimited Capacity to Give and Receive Love
By Chana Rosenblatt
Coming into an existing family dynamic could be a beautiful experience as well as a challenging one. Creating a beautiful feeling in such a home takes some patience and requires time as people adjust and get comfortable and secure in themselves and with one another.
Chana Rosenblatt
Chana is originally from Israel and moved to the UK in 2001 when she married her husband Shaul. Together they are blessed with eight beautiful children and seven grandchildren. Chana is a lover of life and a lover of humanity, she is wise beyond her years, she masters the art of listening and sees hope and possibility in everyone and everywhere. Chana is the director of CR Practice. She works with people in all different sectors of the community including youth, students, educators, trainee practitioners, individual, couples, parents and families. Runs programs at schools and for leaders. Chana also runs an eight month program for the Rabbinic training academy in London and is the Wellbeing Director of Better World Charity. She is also the director of the Wellbeing Clinic where she mentors and develops new practitioners who are looking to learn more and develop as teachers.