Difficult Times; Different Perspective
By Rebbetzen Tamar Taback
Suffering v Pain! Rebbetzen Taback breaks down the difference between pain and suffering and discusses Jewish concepts that offer comfort and support at a time of loss.
Rebbetzen Tamar Taback
Rebbetzin Tamar Taback is the Founder of the Nexus School for Transformational Torah. https://thenexus.org// BH for over 20 years she has empowered women worldwide through her profound Torah classes – opening their minds and hearts to a new-old understanding of their feminine power in today’s age. By translating deep insights and teachings into a language that is relevant and accessible, Rebbetzin Tamar makes sure that personal transformation is within reach of to all. Supported by leading Rabbonim and teachers, she has built a close-knit community where spiritually seeking women grow together.