Finding Strength and Comfort in the Midst of Pain and Tragedy
By Chevi Hochstadter
Sharing a glimpse into my journey and process of building life and love, experiencing tragedy, brokenness and pain, with Hashem holding my hand and giving me light and hope.
Chevi Hochstadter
Chevi Hochstadter was born in Johannesburg, South-Africa and made Aliyah as a child, with her family. She enjoyed Law and with her passion for the Hebrew language, she assisted at her father's law office for ten years, before qualifying as a Remedial Teacher in Jerusalem. After marrying her husband Dovi, they settled in Johannesburg and had five children. Chevi taught Hebrew, Jewish History and other Kodesh subjects at several Johannesburg schools and gave shiurim to women. After the loss of her husband, she took a break from teaching for a year, and has currently returned to follow her passion for learning the Tanach and teaching it to teenaged girls. She teaches at three Johannesburg High Schools and hopes to encourage and instil Emunah and the love of Hashem in her students.