How to Navigate Grief the First Year After Loss
By Lara Noik a"h
The first year of loss is filled with experiences that you have to go through for the first time without the person you have lost. The thought of life without your loved one can feel overwhelming and scary. In this webinar, we will talk about what to expect from the first year as well as explore ways to get through all the painful and difficult moments that extend even beyond the first year. Learn ways to start taking the first steps towards healing.
Lara Noik a"h
In her short 42 years of life Lara a"h accomplished more than most do in a full lifetime. She worked as head social worker for the Chevrah Kadisha in Johannesburg for 7 years before starting her own successful private practice with a special interest in the fields of mental health, resilience, and relationships. She utilised an integrative approach incorporating the principles of innate mental health, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and relationship modalities. She believed in the innate resilience that exists within each human being and spent her career counselling individuals, couples, and groups from this standpoint. In addition she also ran the Marriage Prepare Programme for many years, worked at Papillon -a mental health recovery centre, ran online grief groups and was a co- founder of ‘The Ki’, an organisation which offers affordable therapy to the larger Johannesburg Jewish Community.