Inner Healing and What Gets in its Way
By Terry Rubenstein
In this video Terry speaks to our divine, innate capacity to heal. She explains how healing is an essential part of moving forward and creating new ways of connecting and weaving our loved ones into our lives. She also explains the psychological defences we use to protect ourselves from feeling pain and how these ultimately hold us back from moving forward. She takes us through a practical exercise to help confront the pain and begin healing.
Terry Rubenstein
Mother, grandmother, author, podcaster, thought leader, educator and charity founder, Terry is a unique pioneer in the field of mental wellbeing and resilience with a remarkable backstory of overcoming her own personal struggles. Terry has co-founded two mental health organisations focused on impacting young people, parents, teachers, leaders and organisations through the innovative Resilience Framework. This framework has been shared with countless people around the world across many sectors and translated into seven languages. More recently, Terry created the ‘Finding Light Through Loss’ website in memory of her younger sister sister Lara, a’h. This unique project provide support to Jewish families and communities across the globe, helping people navigate their journey through grief and loss.