Kesuvos 3-4, Aveilus & Simcha
By Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky
Rabbi Lopiansky gives an in depth and practical halachic shiur when facing aveilus at the same time as one’s own or close family simcha.
Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky
Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky is the Rosh HaYeshiva of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington – Tiferes Gedaliah, accepting the position in July of 2014. He studied and received rabbinic ordination from the Mir Yeshiva of Jerusalem. In Israel, Rabbi Lopiansky taught at Aish HaTorah from 1983-1990, and then taught at the Mir for five years before assuming the post of Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedolah of YGW in 1995. He was extremely active in the cause of Soviet Jewry, travelling to the Soviet Union on numerous occasions, and serving on resettlement organizations in Israel that assisted Soviet refuseniks in acclimating to Israeli life. Rabbi Lopiansky taught in the Israeli Army’s Hishtalmut program, which seeks to broaden the perspective of the army’s officer corps by exposing them to the entire gamut of Israeli society. Rabbi Lopiansky is a prolific author, having written more than 20 works on Torah thought, liturgy, and philosophy, and lectures widely both nationally and internationally. He is a contributor to Encyclopedia Talmudis and various journals, and sits on several boards, among them the board of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.