Loss, Grieving, Transitions, and Empathy
By Rabbi Boruch Siris
A 30 minute discussion of different types of grief and loss, what it means to let go and search for something new, and how to make sure you’re actually consoling the grieving person – and not just making yourself feel better.
Rabbi Boruch Siris
Boruch Siris is the Chaplain at Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva, Israel. After graduating Harvard University (AB, 1997), he spent about 25 years in yeshiva (Yeshivot HaMivtar, Har-Etzion, Sha'alvim, Darchei Gemara) and kollel (Nachlat Tzvi, HarNof) prior to beginning his chaplaincy work. He lives in Bayit VaGan, Jerusalem with his wife Tzipi and four children.