Overcoming the Discomfort of a Shiva Call
By Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
It’s easy to lose focus and get side tracked when visiting a shiva house, especially when you meet other people you know. Rabbi Orlosfky gives us some basic do’s and don’ts when visiting a shiva house and help us understand the meaning and purpose of why we go visit those who are mourning.
Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky has been involved in the field of Jewish education and outreach for over thirty years. He grew up in North Merrick, Long Island, one of six boys, of whom he is the quietest. He has studied in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and Yeshiva Heichal HaTorah and received smicha from Dayan Kopshitz, the Chief Rabbi of Nevi Tzvi. For nine years he was the Long Island Director of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth. Under his leadership the region grew from one member into an organization of over 1800 teens and pre-teens involved in its various programs. In 1988 Rabbi Orlofsky moved to Israel and lives in Jerusalem with his wife Simi and their children and grandchildren. He teaches in various yeshivas and seminaries in Israel. His lectures have attracted thousands of people internationally and tens of thousands have read his column on Jewish education and listened to his radio program on the parshas hashavua. His book “The Last Book You Read Before You Assimilate” is awaiting publication.