Profound Insights on Grief From a Mother Whose Son Was Murdered
By Sherri Mandell
Sherri Mandell’s son Koby was murdered by terrorists in 2001. In this conversation she shares incredible insights on allowing yourself to grieve, creating coherence from chaos, supporting children who lose a sibling, post traumatic growth, relationship with God and lots more.
Sherri Mandell
Sherri Mandell is an Israeli-American author, mother and activist. She is best known as the mother of Koby Mandell, a thirteen-year-old American boy who was murdered near their home in Tekoa in May 2001. Sherri together with her husband, Rabbi Seth Mandell, founded the Koby Mandell Foundation where they help bereaved mothers, fathers, widows, orphans and siblings to rebuild their lives and create meaning out of suffering. Sherri is a certified pastoral counselor, and runs healing groups for bereaved mothers and manages the women's healing retreats. She won a National Jewish Book Award in 2004 for her spiritual memoir, The Blessing of a Broken Heart (Toby Press, 2003). She is also the author of The Road to Resilience: From Chaos to Celebration (Toby Press, 2015).