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We are so grateful for your generous time and support in contributing to this project which we hope will provide much-needed support and comfort to those dealing with loss in Jewish communities around the world.
We would appreciate it if you could complete the form and upload your content by December 21st.

If you have any questions (whether content or technical-based) please contact Terry +447967037759 or Ayelet +447814698112 or email

Audio & Video Guidelines

Quiet Room

Please make sure that you are in a quiet room without background noise e.g other people talking, washing machines, televisions etc. Remember to put phones on silent and turn notifications/vibration off.


We recommend using either a lapel microphone or a podcasting microphone however if you don’t have access to either of them then a quiet room with your device’s built in microphone will suffice.

A lapel microphone should be attached to the top of your clothing so that it is as close as possible to your mouth and then plugged into a computer, phone or tablet. Please be careful for any ruffling or movement with your clothes. It is recommended to record a test and listen back before recording the real content.

A podcasting microphone can be set up on a desk or table. Please make sure that you are sat close enough to it and that you also do a test record to make sure the levels sound good and your voice is not too quiet.

Seating (video only)

We would love you to sit somewhere where you feel relaxed perhaps a sofa or an armchair. We are trying to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Camera and Lighting (video only)

Please secure your computer, phone or tablet so that it is fixed on a table or tripod and not moving then raise it so that the camera is at eye-level with you and not facing upwards or downwards. Please make sure that phones or tablets are in a horizontal orientation. Try to position yourself so that there is no window behind you and so that your whole face and shoulders are within the frame. If possible put a lamp on your desk to add a bit of soft light to your face.

File Upload

IMPORTANT: In order to reduce the file size and upload time we recommend watching this video. For an Android phone, you can change the resolution by going into the camera and then clicking the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, you can use Zoom to record yourself and send us the recording.

Content Submission Form

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Please upload a headshot of yourself that will be displayed alongside your bio. Make sure that the photo shows your face clearly. Please make sure your images are a maximum of 1MB in size and is either a .jpg or a .png file.
50 words max.