Supporting Children Through Bereavement
By Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt
One of hardest challenges in bereavement is supporting children. Parents, who know their children best, are in the best position to do so and are provided with the wisdom they need to succeed.
Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt
Originally from Liverpool, Shaul spent seven years at Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem, where he received smicha. He founded Aish UK in 1995, Tikun in 2005 and the Rabbinic Training Academy in 2017. It aims to train a new generation of rabbinic leadership that is grounded, human, and compassionate to the confusing and challenging issues of our modern world. In 2001 his wife, Elana, passed away aged thirty after a brave three-year battle with breast cancer, leaving four children. Shaul married Chana in 2003 and they are blessed with four more children. Shaul is the author of ‘Why Bad Things DON’T Happen to Good People’, which discusses suffering and tragedy in the face of a loving God. His recently published book is titled ‘Mean What you Pray’ and focuses on how to find meaning and connection in prayer in general and the Amidah prayer specifically.