The 5 Stage Journey to Hope and Resilience
By Rabbi Aron Litwin
In this video class, Rabbi Aron Litwin expertly navigates the five stages of grief, blending ancient wisdom with modern insights. Explore denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, finding solace and practical guidance for your unique journey. Join Rabbi Litwin as he provides a compassionate space for healing.
Rabbi Aron Litwin
Rabbi Aron Litwin, MA, MBACP, radiates tremendous warmth wherever he goes. After studying at Brisk Yeshiva and obtaining semicha in the Jerusalem Kollel under Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, he earned an MA from Middlesex University alongside a diploma in Psychotherapy. Spending nearly 8 years as a Rabbi for Seed, he realised a lifelong dream of co-founding and directing Mekimi, having lost his own father as a teenager. Mekimi, a nationwide organisation in the UK, provides support to families who have lost a parent at a young age. Affectionately known as Rabbi Aron, he is not only a skilled psychotherapist with a thriving private practice but also a master lecturer with an incredible ability to connect with people. When he isn't tending to his garden or caring for his fish tank, Rabbi Aron is busy developing meaningful programs to support and care for the "Mekimi family".