The Gifts of Anticipatory Grief: Preparing for End-of-Life
By Etta Bendavid
Etta provides some valuable resources, tools and an empowering perspective when confronting terminal illness or end-of-life. By naming three common “tasks” as we near end-of-life, she discusses how to fill the tender, tense or tumultuous time with meaning, courage and even some control.
Etta Bendavid
Etta Bendavid, BCC, SCP-C, MAEd., provides pastoral care and grief counseling for individuals and groups at her Center for Loss and Grief in Raanana ( Since 2010, Etta has worked as a board-certified hospital and hospice chaplain in the USA and recertified in Israel upon making aliyah in 2017. Etta is the Rabbanit of Shivtei Yisrael in Raanana and a Morah L’Halacha (Matan). She is also a singer and leads tefilat nashim. Etta and her husband Rabbi Eitan Bendavid are proud and humbled parents to four strong-and-gentle children.