Why Things Happen Part 2 – the Purpose of Pain
By Rebbetzin Ruthie Halberstadt

Continuing with this second episode of a series of three, Rebbetzin Ruthie starts to focus on how to deal with our own pain. She delves into the possible meanings and purpose of our personal challenges and struggles.

Rebbetzin Ruthie Halberstadt
Rebbetzin Ruthie Halberstadt was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. She is a student of Rabbi Mordechai Miller zt"l (Gateshead seminary) and her father Rabbi Akiva Tatz. She is an inspirational speaker, and has taught in high schools in England and seminaries in Jerusalem. She teaches a wide range of Torah topics, her speciality being deep and relevant Torah for women. She is the Women's Educational Director for TAL London and together with her husband, Rabbi Ilan Halberstadt they lead the Machzikei Hadas community in Golders Green.