Walking the Bridge of Grief
By Rebbetzen Tamar Taback
In this eminently healing talk, Rebbetzin Tamar Taback walks us through the journey of grieving, exploring the gifts and growth opportunities that lie deep within this unchosen but universal human experience. With sensitivity and compassion, Rebbetzin Taback provides real-life tools to help us navigate the world of grief with dignity and faith.
Rebbetzen Tamar Taback
Rebbetzin Tamar Taback is the Founder of the Nexus School for Transformational Torah. https://thenexus.org// BH for over 20 years she has empowered women worldwide through her profound Torah classes – opening their minds and hearts to a new-old understanding of their feminine power in today’s age. By translating deep insights and teachings into a language that is relevant and accessible, Rebbetzin Tamar makes sure that personal transformation is within reach of to all. Supported by leading Rabbonim and teachers, she has built a close-knit community where spiritually seeking women grow together.