Wisdom From the Greats of Yesteryear
By Rebbetzin Fruma Rochel Altusky
Rebbetzin Altusky (fondly known as Bobby), daughter of Rav Chaim Pinchas Sheinberg ZT””L shares timeless wisdom and lessons that she learnt from her parents and grandparents about how to navigate grief, sadness and loss and reflects on how her generation learnt to accept that sadness and loss were a part of life.
Rebbetzin Fruma Rochel Altusky
Rebbetzin Fruma Rochel Altusky has several claims to fame. Among them are her maternal grandparents, American Torah pioneers Rabbi Yaakov Yosef and Aidel Herman (of All for the Boss fame) and her illustrious parents, Harav Chaim Pinchas and Rebbetzin Basha Scheinberg. But if you ask her what she feels her biggest yichus is, she will tell you it is being the first girl to attend the very first Bais Yaakov high school in America. Rebbetzin Altusky is in her own right a renowned mechaneches, teaching in many seminaries and to groups of women all over the world inspiring them with her wisdom, insights and deep Torah values.